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Do you know the importance
of video ?

64 percent

of consumers make a purchase after
watching branded social videos

92 percent

of mobile video viewers share
videos with others

65 percent

of video viewers watch more than
three-fourth of a video

Just try it out. Paste the article link or a pirce of text from your blog into the information box below and just exactly 30 seconds later, it will become a video. Then If you like, edit it and save it. We will literally convert it into a video within minutes

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Convert your Blog into Video in 1 minute

Copy/Paste the Article or Link of the Blog

This is the first step in the process of creating a Video from a Blog. You must write a script or must have a blog link (For eg: Medium/Blogspot etc) in order to convert that into a Video

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Select the Resolution and take a deep breath for 30 sec...

Now we will use all our deep brain to find out the best possible video for your piece of textual content. We don't take long, its just 30 sec and then its on the editor screen

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Finally, Video is ready just edit and generate

The Editor has a couple of options from editing Media via our Royalty free library and editing Audio via Audio Library too. If you are all statisfied, just hit save and we then generate a video for you.

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